eDuo Project

Training in company and technical institute alternately.

In the eDuo Project, the young students of Intermediate Level Vocational Training complete the training received in the educational center with practical training and (specific) complementary training given by the company.

The objective is to avoid drop-out rates by motivating these young people to continue their technical and training capabilities, both inside the classroom and outside, having the company in mind from the first day.

The aim is to increase the number of young people who finish Intermediate Level

Vocational Training and, at the same time, to respond to the needs of hiring specialized technical profiles by companies.

To do this, we promote new working methods that include more participatory forms: the student is the main character of their own educational process and the company has a broader role in the training field.

In this way, companies get workers trained according to their needs that carry out HR and CSR actions: talent management, social employee engagement, social action and community engagement.

eDuo Project for companies

eDuo Project _ Mutua Madrileña / Asetra

In the eDuo Project participate:

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