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We fight against youth unemployment and dropping out of school early.

Spain currently leads in 2nd position in the ranking of early school leavers in the European Union, with a rate of 13.9% (EPA 2022), compared to 9.6% in the EU (Eurostat 2022). At the same time, the direct consequence is a youth unemployment rate of 29.7% (INE 2022), which seriously hinders the possibility of these young people to develop their life projects.

On the other hand, we are facing a changing labor market, in which it is estimated that 65% of the jobs that young people will occupy belong mostly to the technology and science sector, not yet ‘invented’ (Davos World Economic Forum Report 2016). 

Furthermore, according to the Government of Spain, by 2025 the labor market will need 50% of the working population to have intermediate studies. Currently, only 23% are in this educational range, while 30% have primary or secondary education (ESO). 

In this context, now more than ever, initiatives and actions are needed to help solve this situation. At Fundación Exit we firmly believe that every young person has potential and equal opportunities to develop it.

For this reason, we focus on offering comprehensive guidance to young people, providing them with tools, knowledge and experiences that can be decisive in building their future. We focus on four phases: self-knowledge, labor market exploration, career experimentation and decision-making. We discover experiential modules with which each student can create his or her personalized itinerary through two categories:

  • Guidance and motivation: focusing on self-knowledge and coaching, they are the strategic axis of the foundation.
  • School-to-work training: aligned with the needs of the market, it is key to facilitating quality and stable job placements.

All projects are aimed at young people between 16 and 21 years of age in a situation of social vulnerability and unite the business world with the social world: companies participate in the whole process and social and educational entities refer the young people to us.

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