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We fight against youth unemployment and dropping out of school early.

Currently, youth unemployment remains one of the main problems of our country. Although it has declined with respect to the worst moments of the crisis, in which it reached 54.89% (INE 4Q 2013), we are facing one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the EU, 39,5% among young minors of 25 years (INE, T1 2021).

Regarding the early educational dropout we are at 16% (Eurostat 2021) when at the worst moment of the crisis we reach 32% (Eurostat 2008).

We are also faced with a paradoxical situation in Spain: compared to the high rates of unemployment, 64% of spanish companies have encountered difficulties in finding qualified professionals and filling certain vacancies. (ManPower Report 2021). Sectors with very good work opportunities do not fill the vocational training rooms or have a high level of educational abandonment.

In this context, now more than ever, initiatives and actions are needed to help solve this situation. In Exit Foundation we carry out five projects, each one located in a different phase of an insertion itinerary for a young person in a situation of social vulnerability: Start Project, Coach Project, eDuo Project, FaM Project and Yob Project.

All the projects are aimed at young people from 16 to 25 years of age in situations of vulnerability and school failure and unite the business world with the social world: companies participate in the whole process and social and educational entities refer us to young people.

They are innovative training projects that stand out for their high innovative component and for being win-win projects that add value to all those who participate in them. Young people improve their employability, companies make their CSR and the HR area and the social and educational entities reinforce their work.

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