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Training: Specialization in record time.

Train young people in your specialty and get motivated workers!

It is increasingly important for young people to be properly trained in order to have a chance at quality jobs, but not everyone taking part can undergo intermediate level vocational training for 2 years. In some cases, personal or family circumstances require a faster itinerary, which is why we designed Personalized Training.



As part of this project, we team up with a company (or group of companies) to design training that is perfectly aligned with labor market needs, thereby optimizing the chances of participants being hired upon completing the program.

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Project Results

Personalized Training Project





of young participants

found a job upon

completing the project*

of young participants

continued studying upon

completing the project*

*Data of calls made to young participants in the 2020/21 school year.



editions held in




Young people *

Social and educational

organizations *







volunteers *

Companies *



*Total accumulated over the years

Feedback from young participants*




believed that the

training provided by

the company was

very useful

were confident

that they would

find a job over

the coming months

would recommend the

Yob Project to other

young people in the

same situation

* Data obtained from satisfaction surveys conducted at the end of the programme.

The #FaMExit Project through the eyes of the participants

“I arrived from Ecuador eight years ago. Although I finished compulsory secondary education, I couldn’t continue studying. Thanks to the Personalized Training in Bodywork, I was able to discover a trade that I love. What’s more, I was able to meet and learn from professionals and companies specializing in painting, which definitely increases my chances of finding a good job in the future.

“These training courses provide students with the knowledge they need to start a job with a solid foundation that gives them self-assurance and self-confidence.

It’s crucial for young people to have contact with companies, as they get a firsthand look at the reality of the jobs while doing internships at companies. This project is an example of what we can all do for young people”.

“My experience with the Plumbing Training was great. I found it very comprehensive. I learned so much about new tools, as well as different techniques such as welding. For me, this training is the illusion of improving my chances to find a job”.

Ismael Mancheño

Young participant of the #FaMExit Project

Pedro Fernández

FaM Plumbing and air-conditioning mentor

Jonathan Guairacaja

Young participant of

the #FaMExit Project

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