Awards and recognitions

Talk on Project Coach

The Talk on Project Coach awarded a prize by Foment del Treball for its exposition of a project of very great applicability, the setting being la Fiesta de la Primavera del Foro de RRHH (The Spring Festival of Human Resources Forum).

The Human Resources Forum organized by Foment del Treball gave away in the setting of the Spring Festival its annual awards which are designed to reward quality of exposition, applicability of a session and the company with more participants.

The session of Project Coach was evaluated as the talk with the greatest applicability. In this session we were able to count on the testimonies of Belén Perales, Manager of RSC IBM, and of Pilar Insúa, HR Manager for the South of Europe, Timberland, representatives of these two companies taking part in the project and to who, we from Fundación Exit wish to express our deepest gratitude for their constant support.

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