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Letter by a volunteer to the young people of Coach Project

Currently the youth unemployment rate in Spain reaches 52,29% (66,71% for young people between 16 and 19 years old and 44,54% for young people between 20 and 24 years old) and school failure rise to 23,5%. The results of the Coach Project show that 96% of the young people finish the Project and that 76% of them wants to continue their studies once the Project is over.

Author: Ana Maria Sanguino, Santander Bank

Dear youths,

We’re going to change the statistics: 100% of the participants in this 2016 promotion is going to continue studying.

Do not drop out. Choose what you want to be, how you want your future to be, what you are going to give to society. Don’t forget that you’ll be the ones that will carry this country forward tomorrow (doctors, athletes, trainers…).

I want to thank all the team and particularly Adrián.

A long time ago I decided to look ahead and do not stay in the past. But today I’m going to remind that I was also there, were you stand now, with more or less the same problems and more or less the same uncertainty. I was mistaken not once but many times, I learnt from my mistakes and I moved on. Thanks for helping me look back…

I also studied a professional training (FP) and I’ve never been so proud before, just because I proved that I could. I could do many other things, I agree, but the things I chose I did them well. I studied a professional training before entering the bank and I got my degree while working. I’ve just finished a master’s degree and I’ve enrolled in another one. When I’m finished with it, I already know which one I want to take next. I only want to ask you one thing: believe in yourselves! Fight for yourselves! Get your objectives and dreams!



I don’t think it’s selfish but when you feel right and proud of yourself, there is a domino effect. The ones that love you and care for you will also feel proud and happy. This can help you to take out of your life the toxic persons, because if they don’t feel happy for you they don’t deserve to be in your life.It is the time to get rid of the toxic persons and thoughts.

Nothing is given away. You need to fight for everything.Just like when you, Adrián, play a football game even knowing that your rival is probably better than you; yet you play and fight for the opportunity to win. Just like when you, Yalal, open up a computer and probably don’t know how to build it again or repair it; yet you do it only to prove yourself that you can. Your lives will be just like that. Give yourselves the chances to learn, to be mistaken, to build a future.

Do not give up because of laziness, apathy, boredom or because of lack of knowledge… You are your own best friends, but careful, also your worst enemy. If your thoughts go against you and tell you that you can’t… yell! Strive yourselves a little bit every day and say: “I can and I’m going to make it!”I want to give you this card. It is an anchor, you know what it is, right? That heavy device that vessels throw into the sea to remain secured. That anchor that fixes you here and now will be like an amulet when you lack your strength or when you feel insecure. Keep it close, in your wallet and look at it to remember this moment. I assure you it works, I have one!

After some time, stop and look once back to get a glimpse of everything you’ve walked, then always look ahead again… Keep your interest in studying, it’s the key to your future and everyone here can assure that to you, right?

I want to remind that in our last session something beautiful happened. Some of us were at the table, including Adrián, and were discussing how difficult it is mathematics. And you know what? Richard offered himself to help him and to study with him because he is good at maths and Adrián will be able to help with other things. This is very important, you’ve made a team and created something beautiful. Support one another and it will be easier to go along the way because problems will arise but you’ll see them as obstacles you need to overcome to get to your goal. These problems will teach you that although you are not yet prepared to reach your goal you are closer and closer every time… do not surrender and repeat yourselves: I can do it! And of course do not allow anybody to tell you that you can’t.

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