Professional team

Nacho Sequeira
CEO of Fundación Exit

Graduate in Economics (Universidad Pompeu Fabra).
Executive Education in Social Entrepreneurship (INSEAD), NGO Management (ESADE), Postgraduate in Social and Educational Work with Immigrants (Universidad Ramon Llull).
With Fundación Exit since 2000. Promoter of other initiatives like Juntos por el Empleo and Coordinadora Mentoría por la Inclusión.


María Huertas de la Gándara
School-to-work training Director

Psychology Degree and Masters in HR at UAM.
Expertise developed in the field of HR, Business Consulting and Development in Spain
and South America.
Volunteer experience in projects
and External Relations.


Veró­nica Tort
Administration and Finance Director

Graduate in Law (Universidad Abat Oliva), MBA- Master of Business Administration (ENEB) and Course of Finances and Economical
Management (EADA).
6 years of experience in a lawyer’s office and in the non-profit sector from 2005, in the field of economical and administrative management.


Anayansin Castro
Partnership and Philantropy Director

Degree in International Studies (UDEM). Master in Intermediterranean Mediation and Intercultural Integration (UAB /Ca’Foscari /Paul-Valéry), Postgraduate in Peace Culture (UAB) and NGO Management (Esade). More than 12 years of experience in strategic alliances engagement, fundraising and stewardship between organizations, NGO and educational institutions.


Alba Plana
Guidance Projects Director

Graduate in Journalism from the UAB and Master in Corporate Communication and Public Relations from ESERP Business School. Professional experience both in communication departments of foundations and in agencies and media.


Isabel Montoyo
Head of Comunication

Graduate in Advertising and Public Relations (Universidad de Barcelona), Master in Corporate Social Responsibility (ESERP Business School) and Postgraduate in Strategic Marketing (ESIC Business & Marketing School). Experience in project management in the field of communication, marketing, Corporate Social Responsability and social innovation.


Ana Mar­tí­nez
Projects Coordinator in Madrid

Graduate in Psychology (Universidad del País Vasco), Postgraduate in Communication and Marketing, and Master in Human Resources Management.
More than 10 years in the social sector as an educator, counsellor and employment coordinator.
Experience as consultant in selection, development and management by competencies.


Marta Fusté
Projects Coordinator in Barcelona

Graduate in Psychology (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), Postgraduate in Emotional Education (Universidad de Barcelona) and Master in Integral Humanist Psychology.
12 years of experience as professional counsellor in the social sector. Educator in development and management by competences. Consultant of outplacement, selection and staff assessment.


Eva Fer­nán­dez
Projects Coordinator

Graduate in Geological Sciences (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Vast experience as Office Manager, team handling and coordination. More than 7 years of specialization in the RSC sector with corporate volunteering projects management as well as direct intervention with young people in a situation of social vulnerability.


Marta Riera
Marta Riera
Projects Officer in Barcelona

Degree in Economics and Management (UAB)
Certificate in Marketing and Communication at Harvard Extension School, Harvard University
Coach, ACC Certified for the ICF.
Practitioner PNL, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 15 years of professional experience in international business and 7 years of experience in coordinating coaching projects for non-profit organizations.

Andrea Robles
Product Manager IT

Graduate in Primary Education Teaching (ULE), Postgraduate in Digital Marketing (INESDI Business Techschool) and Master in SEO Positioning (BIGSEO). More than 5 years of experience in the development of technological products, communication strategies, social networks and web positioning with a focus on educational and social transformation projects.


Lucía Castro
Projects Officer in Madrid

Graduate in Psychology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Specialised in Human Resources.
More than 5 years experience in selection and training consultancy.


Pepa Bermejo
Projects Officer in Madrid

Degree in Psychology (UAM), Master in Human Resources Management and Executive, Development Program (CESMA).
More than 10 years experience performing HR projects (Recruitment, Development, Training and CSR) for several countries (Italy, France, Portugal, Mexico and Brazil).


Emi Chañe Navarro
Projects Officer in Madrid

Graduate in Political Science and Public Administration (UCM).
Experience in the social sector working with the formation and development of competency skills for work orientation.
Experience in the business sector in control and finance management.


Laura Cuesta
Projects officer

Higher degree in Social Integration for IES Barri de Bilbao.
Psychology graduate (UCM) and Masters in Clinical Neuropsychology from ISEP.
Experience in social and educational intervention.

Cristina Bermúdez
Projects Officer in Barcelona

Graduate in Teaching and Special Education from the University of Barcelona. Courses in Coaching applied to the classroom, emotional education and mentoring project management.

More than 6 years of experience in the social sector as a counsellor, trainer in basic competences, labour prospecting and coordination in the management of occupational and professional training projects.


Rita Gutiérrez
Projects Officer

Graduated in Social and Cultural Anthropology from Universitat de Barcelona; Postgraduate in Social and Labor Intervention: Guidance for employability and job placement at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Specific education in equal opportunities and gender equality. More than 4 years of experience in the Social Field working with different groups as a social educator, prospector, trainer and job counselor.


Gema Salguero
Projects Officer in Madrid

Graduated in Psychology (University of Salamanca). More than 10 years of experience in HR, both in consulting and in companies in the private sector and in the third sector, mainly in the areas of training, training and people development.


Jose Rubio
Labour Prospector

Degree in Pedagogy (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona) and specialization in Neurosciences and Multiple Intelligences.
More than 7 years of experience in prospecting and coordinating educational and employment projects.


Daniel Amat
Labour Officer of Incorpora Programme

Degree in Social Education (Universitat de les Illes Balears). Master in Direction, Management and Intervention in SS.SS (Facultat d’Educació Social i Treball Social Pere Tarrés, Universitat Ramón Llull). More than 12 years of experience in the third sector as project coordinator, job placement officer, business prospector and pre-employment trainer.


Raquel Díaz
Corporate Development Officer

Degree in Pedagogy (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychopedagogy.
More than 12 years of experience in the social sector and CSR sector, covering project management and corporate volunteering, intervention and socio-labour guidance with young people in vulnerable situations, and providing training in skills development and management.


Pilar Amores
Project Officer

Degree in Communication, specialized in Advertising and Public Relations at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. HVT in Social Integration by Red Cross. Master in Digital Marketing at KSchool. More than 20 years of experience in commercial media management and since 2017 specialized in the third sector as employment technician.


Eugenia Muñoz
Senior Partnership and Philantropy Officer

Business Administration Degree; Master in Marketing Management and Executive MBA. Experience in the field of marketing in the editorial sector, participating in the design, the implementation of recruitment campaigns and clients retention. Since 2021 working in the field of fundraising and communication in an organization from the third sector, dedicated to funds raising and project management, as well as the content creation and dissemination.


María Paula Torres
Senior Partnership and Philantropy Officer

Degree in Law (U. de Los Andes, Colombia). Master in Advanced Human Rights (U. Carlos III, Madrid), Specialist in Theory and Armed Conflict Resolution (U. de Los Andes), Communication and Armed Conflict (U. Complutense) and Migration Rights and Asylum (U. Zaragoza). More than 15 years of experience in design, funding and management of social projects in the private and public sector.


Ana Camacho
Business Prospector of Corporate Volunteering

Degree in Economic and Business Sciences (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Executive Master in Business Administration. More than 20 years of experience in business development, marketing and communication at multinationals recognized from various sectors. Since 2016 dedicated to contribute value in the Social Sector, developing functions of maketing, project management and corporate volunteering.


Penélope García
Administration and Financial Support

Higher degree in Business Administration and Finance . Course of Secretarial and Business Administration (EAE).
20 years experience in the Administration and Accounting Department.


Rosa Perales
Administrative Support in Madrid

Higher Level Training Cycle Management and Finance.
Advanced Accounting course.
22 years of experience in the Department of Administration and Accounting.