eDuo Project

Specialization: In the company as of the first day.

Bet on today’s youth education: they are the workers of tomorrow!

The eDuo Project is committed to supporting young people from the beginning and especially the whole class. Through innovative methodologies and ideally the co-creation among young people, professors and companies, at the beginning of the first course motivating educational challenges are raised, linked to each training specialty.

Throughout the year, participants receive masterclasses, sessions given by company volunteers, with innovative content and impact, which allows young people to discover the sector, the company and the profession.

In addition, through the group mentoring, the young people, organized by groups, have company mentors and Exit Foundation technicians who, together with the tutors of the educational center, will accompany them throughout the process.

At the end of the course, the educational challenges worked and the results obtained are presented.

For the company: it is a magnificent opportunity to meet and attract talent, form a quarry of future workers for the sector and promote the competence development of its current employees.

To the educational center: will allow you to align your training with the reality of the labor market, complete the curriculum of the classroom with the expertise of the company, as well as minimize early school leaving.

For young people: they will improve their motivation with the figure of mentor and peer group, increase their employability by receiving direct training from the company and expand their orientation by knowledge of the labor market.

Co-creation of the educational challenge


Project Results

Students with the aim of continuing studies

(First level professional training - 1st year)





of the young people

of the young people

continues studying

continues to be trained

after doing the project

in the same specialty



editions held in




Young people











Social and educational



*Total accumulated over the years

Feedback from young people




thought it increased

thought there was a

thought it

their motivation

good balance between

increased the

to continue studying

study and hands-on

confidence and

work experience


Feedback from companies




considered the

positively rate

would do

profile of the

the young people's

it again

young people

attitude and



The #eDuoExit Project through the eyes of the participants

“We are collaborating with Fundation Exit project

"This project is usually the first work experien


from lots of years ago and we have the satisfaction

ce for students and allows them to put into

of be one the first companies that we start the Eduo

“It has been a very important expe


practice all they learned during their studies as

project and we feel so proud of it.

rience in my life.

well as to acquire practical knowledge.

From our point of view, it’s a big pleasure to say that

It has given me the opportunity to

In addition, it allows them to mature quickly,

the 90% of the cases are successful.

enter the job market with the expe


they become increasingly confident and ready

A part of the scholarship that we give to them, we

rience I had already acquired

to take more responsibilities during the pro


also promote their employability and most of the

during a course that teaches you


students, at the end, they being part of our shops

most of the things in the sector,

I believe this project provides students the pre


work team.

good and bad so that we know

vious experience that is necessary for employ


We really believe that be part of this project is very

what we can expect”.

ment search in case they do not stay with the

beneficial and rewarding from both sides: the com


company at the end of the practices”.

pany and the students”.

David Ndiayer

Maica Zafra

Manuel Lorente


Responsible of project.

Private tutor from IES

Young participant with

Department of Desigual

Torre Roja, Viladecans

Professional Certificate

People First

in Bilbao

Strategic partners of the project:

Exit Galaxy

If you are a participant of the eDuo Project, access the management platform.


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