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Orientation: Knowledge is the first step 

Accompany young people in their process of self-knowlege and discovery of professional sectors!

Early school leaving conditions the access to quality employment in the future and is concentrated on the most vulnerable groups. The highest dropout rate occurs in the last stage of ESO and the first stages of post-compulsory education.

The #StartExit Project has the objective of guiding and motivating at-risk youth who are in the 4th year of ESO and initial stages of professional training, so that they continue with their training according to their vocation and future perspectives in the labour market.

The project brings the reality of companies and training cycles to young people at an early age, introducing them to sectors with high demand for employment and motivating them through up-to-date information on the labour market and real employment opportunities.

Through a process of guidance, with the participation of tutors and school counselors and the collaboration of companies, young people improve their self-knowledge and discover which career options fit best with their vocation and skills, so that they can choose their training consciously and aligned with themselves and the job market.

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