From the beginning, Fundación Exit has always taken a firm stand in favour of transparency and accountability.

Accounts Audit

The annual accounts of Fundación Exit were audited by EY and approved by the Board of the entity.

You can access the Audit Reports of Auditors in the last three years.

Quality Audit ISO 9001:2015

One more year, LGAI Tech­no­lo­gi­cal Cen­ter certifies that the quality system of Fundación Exit is in accordance with the requirements of Norm ISO 9001:2015.

Transparency and Good Practices Report

Since 2008, Fundación Exit is analyzed by Fundación Lealtad always complying with the nine Principles for Transparency and Good Practices.

Statutes of Fundación Exit

In our commitment to transparency, we enclose the internal management rules and the high ranking overning positions of the entity.

Child protection policy

Fundación Exit does not tolerate abuse or violence; it has an internal protection system to prevent these situations from happening.

The basic principles of Fundación Exit are:

1. Ensure the safety and support of children, adolescents and vulnerable people at all times.

2. Learning and ongoing improvement based on experience acquired.

3. Ensure good practice in the treatment of children, adolescents and vulnerable people by all of the Foundation´s staff as well as its volunteers and freelance workers.

Whistleblowing Channel

The whistleblowing channel of Fundación Exit should exclusively be used to report malpractices, unlawful or unethical behaviours at Fundación Exit. Sending any claim automatically implies the unlawful or unethical state of actions carried out by Fundación Exit.

This cannel is NOT addressed to collect claims about other entities independetly of their connection to Exit. In that case, those reports should be sent directly to the organization through their correspondent channels.

In order to address other suggestions, comments or inquiries please use the following application form.

Every report will be considered and handled according to the established at Fundación Exit’s complaints policy.