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Insertion: Preparing to enter the job market.

Help young people create their personal brand and improve the professional skills of your workers!

The job market that young people face today is starkly different from the one that existed 10 years ago. In light of the crisis, more candidates are competing for the same jobs, and according to experts, 70% of job openings are never published and instead rely on word of mouth. As a result, two concepts have become tremendously important for any job search: personal branding and networking.


The Yob Project is a two-month module aimed at young people in which intensive training on how to position their applications in hiring processes and to start building a network of contacts is provided with the assistance of corporate volunteers. The methodology is based on cross-curricular competencies and intended to develop skills and capabilities beyond their educational background in order to reach their professional goals.

With the help of corporate volunteers and the support of Fundación Exit, young people practice how to handle job interviews through Speed Dating events, begin to create their own personal brand, and build and maintain a network of contacts, key elements to enter today’s fluid and relationship-based job market.

Intensive Training

Project Results





of young participants

found a job upon

completing the project*

of young participants

continued studying upon

completing the project*

*Data obtained from calls made to young participants from the 2020/21 school year.


Participants include:

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Young participants

Social and educational







Palma de Mallorca







*Total accumulated over the years

Feedback from young participants*




believed that they’ve

improved their

knowledge about the

labour market and

their competencies

were confident that

they would find

a job over the

coming months

would recommend

the Yob Project to

other young people

in the same situation

* Data obtained from satisfaction surveys conducted at the end of the programme.

The #YobExit Project through the eyes of the participants

“It was a very rewarding experience, full of wonderful moments. In my case, it was a real pleasure sharing the experience together with someone who was just starting out in the working world and to consider it from the perspective of my own career.

I learned how great the young people’s ability was to absorb this knowledge and use it for their benefit. This experience drove me to give my best in a very short time to a young person who was just starting out—like I did back in the day—and see how these teachings helped them through the early stages and get results”.

“My mentor and I focused on what I wanted and needed and we worked on my strengths to call attention to them and the areas that I could still improve.

Thanks to my mentor and Exit, now I see everything much more clearly and I aspire to things I didn’t think I could aspire to, as I didn’t see myself as skillful enough.

They helped me get to know myself better and realize my own worth. I now believe I can do much more than I thought I could”.


“Thanks to the Yob Project, I learned to discern what I really want to do. It was an amazing experience that helped me focus on my goals and choose a possible path for the future. Now I know what I want to continue studying. I would recommend the experience to other young people in my situation, as it’s a huge help in clarifying your thoughts”.

Adán Montañez

Corporate volunteer

Digital Support Technician



Kassandra Domínguez

Young participant

of the #YobExit Project

Pau Guisado

Young participant

of the #YobExit Project

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