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Letter from the director

We remain convinced that there is no better way to guide young people than to connect them directly with top-level business leaders.

Nacho Sequeira


Dear Friends of Fundación Exit, 


This academic year 2022/23 is the first in which we are implementing a new strategic plan in which our main focus is on the guidance of young people who come from an experience of school failure, with the aim of preventing them from dropping out of school prematurely.   


These young people are facing a labor market that demands increasingly higher qualifications, so we believe that it is essential that, at the very least, they can have a Vocational Training (FP) intermediate degree. For this reason, we also continue to support Dual Vocational Training, a modality that, with the new Vocational Training Law, will become even more important.   


Our young people have to overcome multiple barriers, which is why, following the recommendations of the OECD, we offer them to participate in a comprehensive orientation model consisting of 4 modules: self-knowledge, exploration of the labor market, experimentation of a profession (through internships) and decision-making. As always, our added value lies in having had the help of 850 corporate volunteers from 197 companies who have helped us to fulfill our mission. Twenty-three years later, we remain convinced that there is no better way to mentor young people than to connect them directly with top-level leaders in the business world. We would also like to thank the 159 schools that have opened the doors of their classrooms to us.  


After a year of testing this new methodology, being one of the few NGOs selected in the call for Next Generation funds for digital transformation of the Ministry of Social Rights, has allowed us to accelerate our digital transformation process and to have a new gamified digital platform, which is a meeting point between young people, teachers and company volunteers. The name of the platform was chosen by the young people themselves: GenExit. For them it is a platform that has to “illuminate” that part of the DNA chain that they have but that to date has not received enough encouragement to “shine”, unleashing their full potential for success in the workplace. 


Many thanks to all of you who have helped us this academic year 2022/23. As the song by one of the RAP singers of note for these young people goes “(…) the world is dark, light up your part!”    


Nacho Sequeira

Director of Fundación Exit  


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