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We create solid bridges between young people and the world of work, with technical training that alternates the classroom with company internships with the aim of maximizing job placement opportunities.
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“This project is the best opportunity I have had in my life. And I’m going to take advantage of it and move forward.” 

School-Company Programme
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of the young people have found work after completing the project
of the young people continue to study after completing the project
Helping young people develop their vocation

The Exit Foundation promotes and support Vocational Training as a lever for change to reverse the situation of early school dropout and youth unemployment in Spain. Due to its practical nature and high insertion rate, the Exit Foundation adds the development of skills and support throughout the entire experience to the process  

We work every day to activate the hidden potential of each young person so that they can build their own future today with the training that best suits their needs and context. 

School-Company Projects
Escuela-Empresa_FP Dual
Project Dual Vocational Training

Official training that combines theory and business practices, therefore maximizing the employability of youth. 

We Create Opportunities in Hospitality

Official hospitality training, delivered by the Exit Foundation and financed by the Mahou San Miguel Foundation. 

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Specialization Training

Custom-designed training with the aim of offering the company profiles that adapt to its hiring needs. 



I learned to put my knowledge from school into practice, to understand colleagues and customers, and to have more confidence in myself in the workplace.


School-Company Programme

I started the course without having any idea about alarms and now I can go to a house by myself and install a security system by myself.


School-Company Programme

During my time with the Exit Foundation, I’ve learnt values I never knew I had. I’ve learnt skills: adaptability, being punctual and team work. I’ve learnt that I enjoy learning.

Emilia Alejandra

School-Company Programme

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