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Project Coach is a corporate volunteering initiative that seeks to guide and motivate youth at-risk who come from an experience of early school dropout, through techniques focused on coaching.
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“My Coach helped me believe in myself, value myself as a person and as a student, and realize that I could do things for myself.”  

Project Coach 2017
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of the young people continue to study after completing the project
of young people have continued studying in the target sector
Because our society and our future are lost if young people can’t find their way.

The Exit Foundation firmly believe that every young person has potential and in the equal opportunities to develop that potential. That is why we believe that it is unfair that issues such as their postcode or the place where they are born should limit their future.   

Through Project Coach, we get youth at-risk and who have left education early to learn about the world of business. 


Due to the support of their coach and the tools provided to them by the project, they discover a new environment, activate their individual potential and therefore manage to shape a successful future for themselves. 

What does the project include?
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6


The objective of this session is to establish the first contact between the young coachees and the corporate volunteers (the coaches). The session takes place at the school and the foundations of the relationship are established. 



The objective of this session is for young people to discover the different areas of a company and how it works. Their interest is awakened by expanding their vision of the professional world, as well as introducing them to different professions. For many of them, it is the first time they ever visit an office!   


The objective of this session is to motivate young people and enable them to really get to know those areas of the company that have sparked their interest during the first visit. The aim is to help them discover their work interests and give them the tools required to shape a successful future for themselves in the working world. 


The objective of this session is to enhance the self-esteem of young people and help them get to know themselves better by reviewing their CV and analysing their transversal skills. The aim is to highlight the value of their experiences and relate them to the professional field. 


The objective of this session is to help young people define a significant improvement objective that will guide their actions in the coming months. The aim is to incite action and motivate them to set realistic goals that will help them achieve their academic and professional desires. 


This session is the final part of Project Coach. Young people, corporate volunteers and school teaching staff meet at a very exciting event to share everything they have learned during the project. 


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