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For over two decades, we have been working to reduce the number of youth at-risk early school dropout. Together with schools and companies, we believe in equal opportunities and innovation.

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Two decades of commitment to young people

The Exit Foundation firmly believe that every young person has potential and in the equal opportunities to develop that potential. That is why we believe that it is unfair that issues such as their postcode or the place where they are born should limit their future. 


We work to reduce the number of youth at-risk early school dropout. We provide every young person with the tools they require in order to activate their hidden potential, so that they can build their own future today. If young people are lost, our society and our future are lost. 

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The mission of the Exit Foundation is to reduce the number of youth at-risk early school dropout through an innovative guidance model in which the involvement of companies maximises the possibility of subsequent job placement. 

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Our vision is to be an important actor in achieving the European goal of reducing early school dropout in Spain by 10% in 2025. 

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  • Equal opportunities 
  • Innovation 
  • Bridge between social and business worlds 
The history of the Exit Foundation






















Digital transformation of the organisation

Launch of the GenExit platform. 

Launch of the Comprehensive Guidance project

Change of chairperson

Consuelo Castilla is appointed chairperson of the organisation. 

Award for the best social energy initiative from the Naturgy Foundation for the “Enchufados al empleo” project. 

20th Anniversary of the Exit Foundation

20 years of opportunities, commitments, dreams and fighting for the future of youth.

International Collaborative Action Award

We won the Cemex-tec 2019 Award in the International Collaborative Action category for the “Ecosystem for the educational success of young people” project. 

Launch of new projects

Launch of Project Exit Team Up! 
Launch of the Project eDuo new module pilot, with the aim of bringing companies closer to the first part of the Intermediate Training Course. .

Change of chairperson

Rafael Vilasanjuan is appointed chairperson of the organisation. 
Dual Official Vocational Training first agreement for youth at-risk of social exclusion in the Community of Madrid. 

Launch of the PASSWORK Project as a joint venture with the Adsis Foundation

15th Anniversary of the Exit Foundation

1st International Project Coach event in Latin America. 

Change of chairperson

John de Zuleta is appointed as chairperson of the organisation and Salvador Mas de Xaxás as honorary chairperson. 
1st International Project Coach event in Tangier and Casablanca. 
First Dual Vocation Training agreement for youth at-risk of early school dropout in Catalonia with the involvement of a social organisation.  

Launch of Project Yob

Project Coach is selected as the best European Volunteering project (VERSO Programme). 

Winners of the Cinco Días Award

Cinco Días Award for the most innovative Entrepreneurship initiative. 

10th Anniversary of the Exit Foundation

Celebration of the 10th Anniversary with the presentation of the book “Juntos Somos Futuro”

Impulsa Award from the Princess of Girona Foundation, 2010

Mercè Conesa Award for the best charity initiative of the “Premis El Català de l’any” organized by El Periódico. 

Launch of new project

Launch of Project Coach in Madrid

Selected by the UN as one of the 85 most reliable NGOs and Foundations. 

“La Caixa” Social Work Incorpora Programme

Chosen as one of the NGOs promoting the “la Caixa” Social Work Incorpora Programme  
Start of activity in Madrid. 

Nacho Sequeira, Director of the Exit Foundation

Appointment of Nacho Sequeira as director of the Foundation. 

1st event aimed at the business world

Start of the activity

Creation of the Exit Foundation. 

Origin of the Exit Foundation

Volunteering by Salvador Mas de Xaxás at the Escó Foundation.

There is no future without youth
Our programmes

We try to reduce the numbers of early school dropout by youth at-risk by offering support and tools so that each young person can discover and enhance their hidden motivations and abilities. 


Through experiential modules and together with companies, we work on a model the connecting the individual skills of each young person with the specific needs of the environment and work scenario, in order to optimize their performance, enhance their skills and find more opportunities. 

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