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The Exit Foundation firmly believe that every young person has potential and the same opportunities as other people to reach it. Get involved and join our shared goal: be part of their future.
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The mission of the Exit Foundation is possible due to networking with companies, private foundations, schools, public administration and people in general. You can also be part of the solution for early school dropout. Join our cause! 

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For individuals
For companies
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Collaborate so that youth at-risk have access to the guidance and support they need to enter the world of work. 

An opportunity can change everything! 

For companies
E3 Challenge: Empowering, Education and Employability

A partnership of companies committed to reducing early school dropout and boosting the employability of youth at-risk. 

For companies
Corporate volunteering

Involve your employees in corporate volunteering and increase their motivation and sense of belonging to the company. 

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For companies
Hire young people

Give a young person a job opportunity and get professionals with a high level of motivation for your company. 

Make a difference by contributing to positive change in society! 

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Your support reduces taxes! 

Be part of the solution and make it possible for young people with fewer opportunities to continue studying and find the job they want and deserve. 


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We are transparent

The Exit Foundation has always opted for transparency and accountability. All our details are in the public domain and we invite you to consult them here. 



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Cómo contribuye Fundación Exit a los ODS

In 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Exit Foundation’s activity mainly affects SDG4, SDG8 and SDG17



of young people continue their training after their experience with the Exit Foundation.*



of young people gain employment experience in the 12 months after their contact with the Exit Foundation *


+1000 companies +550 educational centers and entities
+7600 corporate volunteers +10 Public administrations 


*Data obtained from satisfaction surveys carried out at the end of the programme.