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There is no future without youth

E3 CHALLENGE: Empowering, Education and Employability

The E3 Challenge is a partnership of companies committed to reducing early school dropout rates and boosting the employability of youth at-risk.

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The E3 Challenge: a challenge shared

We are committed to promoting joint solutions to enhance the talent of youth and contribute to their professional future. 

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The figures are improving but let’s not forget that we are still leaders with a negative balance. 
We have good news! Youth unemployment and early school dropout have been reduced and we are getting closer to achieving the objectives set in the 2030 Agenda. Even so, we cannot ease up: Spain continues to lead the ranking of youth unemployment and in second position in terms of the rate of early school dropout in the European Union. 

of youth unemployment in Spain.

We are the country with the highest unemployment in Europe. The European Union average is 14.9%. 

Sources: INE [Spanish National Statistics Institute] 2021 T4 and Eurostat January 2022 

of early school dropouts in Spain

We are the second country with the highest number of early school dropouts in Europe. The average in the European Union is 9.6%. 

Sources: EPA [Survey of the Working Population] January 2022 and Eurostat May 2023 

The job market is more polarized than ever

The pandemic has accelerated the trend toward job market imbalance. This imbalance can be observed with the Beveridge Curve, which represents the inverse relationship between the unemployment rate and the vacancy rate, that is, the unemployment rate is falling very slowly for all the employment that companies say they need. 

image 13 (1)
The Beveridge Curve reveals a great imbalance in the job market in the Eurozone. There are millions of vacancies and millions of unemployed people.
The educational system remains unbalanced

There are many people with only basic training and also many others with a university degree, but the percentage of people with intermediate degrees is very low. Furthermore, there is a mismatch between the training of the population and the “new” jobs that are created, which are unknown or unattractive for young people. 

Spain: Unemployment 30.7% 


Tertiary and university 


Secondary school and vocational students 


Pre-school – Primary school 

Germany: Unemployement 5,7%


Tertiary and university 


Secondary school and vocational students 


Pre-school – Primary school 

Source: INE [Spanish National Statistics Institute] (2021 T4) and Eurostat (January 2022)
Companies partnership

With the E3 Challenge alliance of companies, we are managing to improve the situation of young people. 

In 2008, right at the start of the crisis, early school dropout was 31.7%. We responded by launching Project Coach. 

14 years later, we’ve managed to reduce that rate to less than half (13.3%) and firmly believe that we’re well on our way to hitting the target set by the 2030 Agenda and reducing this to 9% by working together and thanks to the launch of E3 Challenge: Empowering, Education and Employability.

We can change the future of young people

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. 


Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. 


Revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development. 

Quiero unirme al Reto E3
Your company and the E3 Challenge

Your company can play a key role in improving the training and employment situation of youth at-risk, which has been aggravated by the health crisis.

Make professional opportunities visible in growing and consolidated sectors with job opportunities: 
Energy, Public Health, Technology and Logistics. 


Drive specialization in order to boost: 
Hospitality and Retail. 


Highlight your staff’s talent to support and motivate your future employees. 




I went in feeling like an insecure person and I came out a confident person who believed in myself. Now my marks don’t go below “good”.

Salma Álvarez

Guidance Programme

Before entering the Project from the Exit Foundation, my grades were bad. With Gema, my grades have changed for the better.


Guidance Programme

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You too can be part of the solution to early school dropout in Spain.