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A model focused on connecting the individual skills of each young person with the specific needs of the environment and work scenario, in order to optimize their performance, enhance their skills and find more opportunities.
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About the programme

The Exit Foundation’s comprehensive employment advice model is based on the OECD report, ‘How youth explore, experience and think about their future’. After following the progress of 67,000 young people over 10-15 years, the study showed that those who had carried out certain key activities in adolescence achieved better employment rates, higher salaries and greater life satisfaction. Building on these key activities, the Exit Foundation has created a programme consisting of four experiential modules. 


▪️ EXamine: Self-knowledge and identification of interests and skills


▪️ EXplore: Exploration of the job market with the help of professionals from the business world. 


▪️ EXperience: Support in experiencing professions through internships in the company. 


▪️ EXecute: Take decisions to begin to build your future today.



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