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Why hire Exit young people?

In the current context, equal opportunities and inclusion are much more than simple concepts, they are the key to building a solid and sustainable future. 


Join the Exit Foundation, give Exit young people a job opportunity and make a difference by making a positive change in society. 

I want to hire Exit young people
Hiring has benefits for your organization

In the framework of the “La Caixa” Foundation’s Incorpora Programme, hiring youth at-risk also has benefits for your company. Offer a first job opportunity and help them launch their career. 

The Exit Foundation will support you throughout the entire process! 

Support in understanding jobs and monitoring hiring. 


Carrying out skill-based pre-selection processes to find the profile that best suits the job offer. 


Advice on tax and employment advantages as well as hiring bonuses. 


Do you want to collaborate with Exit Foundation?

You too can be part of the solution to early school dropout in Spain.