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Focusing on self-knowledge, through this module we provide students with tools and experiences that enable them to discover interests and vocations, identify key skills and improve their self-confidence.

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Self-knowledge in academic and employment guidance

The conviction that each individual has talent and potential takes on special relevance when supporting and guiding young people during their academic and career guidance process.  

Self-knowledge makes it easier for them to discover their passions and strengths, the basis on which to chart a path towards goals that are interesting and motivational, and allow them to dream.   

It’s about cultivating a meaningful connection between their aspirations and their individual potentials. 

Activities based on experiential learning
Ikigai Test

Ikigai is a Japanese concept which is literally translated as “reason for being”. The ikigai test is an activity that allows young people to begin to discover their interests and potential. 

Self-knowledge and sport

This is an activity whose objective is to work on the students’ self-esteem and group cohesion through sport. 

Self-knowledge and art

Through disciplines such as rap, dance and urban art, young people work on emotional management, self-knowledge and decision making. 

Self-knowledge and nature

Through adventure and nature, we work on socio-emotional skills such as self-confidence, interpersonal communication and emotional management. 

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