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Orientation: Knowledge is the first step.

Help young people find their vocation and involve your workers in a solidarity action!

The Coach Project is a corporate volunteer initiative that aims to guide and motivate young people in situations of social vulnerability that come from an experience of school failure through coaching and mentoring.

It is aimed at socially responsible companies that want to involve the company’s personnel in a concrete solidarity action for a limited time and with assured results.

For this, the Exit Foundation trains corporate volunteers of socially responsible companies so that they can “coach” these young people.

In this way the young person knows the world of the company inside and discovers his vocation, with the aim of motivating him to continue with his training.

The volunteer is trained in a technique that can apply in their day to day and also knows a young man who can also learn a lot and that will force him to activate new intergenerational and intercultural communication skills, attention to diversity, leadership, social commitment …

The volunteer during 6 sessions accompanies the young person in this experience of discovering the world of the company, introducing him to his colleagues and enhancing teamwork.

Are you a company?

Are you a young person?

Project Results



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*Data of calls made to young participants in the 2017-2018 academic year (1 year after finalize)


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*Total accumulated over the years

Feedback from young people




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Feedback from corporate volunteers




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The #CoachExit Project through the eyes of the participants

“As quickly as we knew the project we wanted to

“From my experience, I could see that in two months

participate in it. The economical goal of the

you can become bonded with an adolescent. The

companies it shouldn’t be the only one and in

link that you start with him it can be so strong that

“At the beginning I thought #coachexit pro


Habitissimo we really believe that be part of the

the teenager can have the time to take off where he

ject it would be so boring, but at the end I

society and have an active role on it, it’s our res


wants to reach in his life. This project gives an

change my mind.

ponsibility. We could see how the project

opportunity to adults and youths to share our point

I learnt how a company works and I could

impacts to the motivation of youth participants

of view of what we think about life, so it gives us the

realize what I will need for my future. It has

and it’s wonderful. But, also we could observe

chance to learn from each other. As a teacher I

been a real experience that I loved and now

how is this impact to the company workers (or

could see how this project impacts to the teenagers

I can see my future projection more clear

coaches), and the benefit is the same. So, it’s bri


and at the end of the project, I could observe the big

with the marked objectives.

lliant. Transmit your energy to the youth parti


difference to all of them. In some cases it has been

Having a coach next to you during two

cipants, see their evolution at the same time

very important for their confidence, in other ones to

months, it’s a luck that not everyone has

you share with them your knowledge and your

help them to reach their dreams. In a future this two

and I take it a lot of advantage”.

skills, the personal and professional ones, at the

months will help them to understand more things

end is the most important”.

about their way of life”.

Lidia Nicolau

Luna Colomer

Voluntaria Corporativa

Said Laaroussi

Tutor in the Professional

People, Happiness &

Young participant in

Training centers

Culture Director

the #coachExit Project



Strategic partners of the project:

Exit Galaxy

If you are a participant in the Coach Project, access the management platform.


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